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Software Radio Laboratory LLC

Manufacturer of the QS1R Software Defined Receiver

SRL QS1R Features

  • LTC2208 16 bit, 130 MSPS analog to digital converter (ADC)
  • I2C expansion bus
  • SPI expansion bus
  • RF expansion "VERB Bus"
  • Firmware, verilog, and software user updatable via web download
  • Secure Digital (SD) card connector for configuration memory (optional)
  • TI PCM1771 24 bit DAC for optional audio output
  • Low pass filtered (55 MHz) BNC input
  • Direct input (15 kHz - 300 MHz) via RF expansion bus
  • External encode clock (ADC clock) input via SMA connector
  • Ultra low noise clock included as standard
  • 160 x 100 mm (6.299" x 3.940") L x W
  • Fused and reverse polarity protected  2.5 mm DC power input
  • Power and ADC clipping LED indicators
  • Four user programmable "debug" LEDs

QS1R Possible Uses

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • General Purpose ADC board w/ up to 4 MHz BW
  • Software Defined Receiver
  • Short Wave Listening (SWL)
  • Amateur Radio HF Receiver 
  • Amateur Radio IF Receiver
  • Panoramic Adapter for Communication Receivers (Any IF)
  • FPGA based SDR Development Platform
  • Ultrasound Receiver
  • Radio Astronomy
  • VLF Experimentation
  • SDR Education
  • Interferometer for passive RF signal  location
  • TDOA

QS1R Specifications (Standard Receiver*)

- Frequency Range (BNC LPF Input): 15 kHz to 62 MHz
- Frequency Range (SMA direct input): 15 kHz to 300 MHz
- Input Impedance: 50 ohms
- Clipping RF Level: +9 dBm
- Maximum Bandwidth: 4 MHz
- ADC Sampling Clock: 125 MHz (1 - 130 MHz with external encode input)
- I/Q Image Rejection: >115 dB
- MDS (500 Hz): -122dBm @ 14.1 MHz
- BDR: 125 dB
- Voltage: 5 - 6 VDC, 2A fused, reverse polarity protected
- Current Draw: 500 mA (typ.)
- Connectors: BNC (RF IN LPF), SMA (EXT ENCODE CLOCK), USB Type "B", 2.1 mm DC Power
- LEDS: Power, Clipping, Debug (internal)
- Dimensions: 160 x 100 mm (3.299" x 3.940") (board size)

*custom modifications are available, please contact factory

SDRMAX V Software

SDRMAX V is the companion  software for use with the QS1R Receiver.  


For the latest on SDRMAX V please see: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qs1r/

The latest SDRMAX V installer can always be downloaded from here.

The QS1R can also be used with WinradHD from http://www.hdsdr.de/


WinradHD can record up to 2 MHz of spectrum to the hard disk!

Please see our QS1R Wiki at http://qs1r.wikispaces.com/ for Warranty information, FAQs, etc...

QS1R Order Information and Pricing

QS1R Receiver (standard, with enclosure) - $899.99 + S&H USD

(QS1R Receiver, USB Cable, requires 5 VDC at 1000 mA)

(Includes Aluminum Enclosure)

Credit Cards Accepted  Through Paypal (vHMI Automation)

Please see our QS1R Wiki at http://qs1r.wikispaces.com/ for Warranty information, FAQs, etc...

Purchasing and Payment Options

  • Individuals (US, International) – Credit Card via PayPal, checks, money orders.
  • Organizations (commercial, government, academic) – Credit Card via PayPal, checks.

- contact us for payment option details

QS1R Receiver, with enclosure and USB cable

SMA to BNC Adapter, gold plated

Universal Power Supply, 5 VDC, 2000 mA, 90-264 VAC Input

Mini DIN 8 Pin Plug


Custom Programming, Design, and Manufacturing

Software Radio Laboratory LLC also offers custom FPGA and firmware programming, pcb design, and manufacturing .  We can provide a custom manufactured version of the QS1R for special applications.  Please
email for more information on our custom services.


Please subscribe to the QS1R Yahoo Support Group at: